Yesterday was Beautiful

sketch of a scene from Roald Dahl's short story Yesterday was Beautiful for the 1Hour1Sketch challenge on twitter


for @1hour1sketch's zombie drawing challenge

3 Blind Mice

for @Sketch_Dailies

Cat fight

A painting from December for the #VMAT Secret Santa. Aero colors on canvas.

Everything I can see from here

I worked with The Line on this beautiful short film as animation clean-up artist,
bringing rough animation on model, adjusting timing and spacing, painting the
characters directly in colour.

Everything I Can See From Here from The Line on Vimeo.

The Nightlight Monster

The link on the image will take you to a clip of The Nightlight Monster, directed by Nicola Coppack.
I worked on the shortfilm as story artist, and contributed some layouts and animation.

Thumbnails for story development

sketches done during preproduction for "The Nightlight Monster"


1 minute sketches from our drawing sessions at the fabrique...